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DVR Infinity TDV-7308-H2 HDTVI 1536p

DVR Infinity TDV-7308-H2 HDTVI 1536p
Agen Cctv Jawa Timur
Spesifikasi :
8 Turbo HD/AHD/Analog interface input, 5MP: 12fps, 3MP: 15fps, 19201080P: 25(P)/30(N) fps/ch, alarm I/O: 8/4 standalone 1U case
Connectable to HDTVI, AHD, HDCVI and analog cameras
up to 4MP
Up to 2ch 2MP IP cameras input
Long distance transmission over UTP and coaxial cable compression and recording
One key enable H.264+ compression to improve encoding efficiency by up to 50% and reduce data storage costs
2 SATA up to 6TB
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